Clouds talking: Yo-Yo-Gonthier and the erasure of memory

The group show Presences, at the Ivory Coast’s Galerie Cécile Fakhoury, brings together the work of four artists: Nestor Da, François-Xavier Gbré, Yo-Yo-Gonthier and Cheikh Ndiaye. The gallery has been turned into a shared studio space for the exhibition.

Yo-Yo Gonthier’s work (seen in the photo above) is inspired by exploration, conquest, discovery and voyage, both of the physical and fantastical kind.

Through film, drawing, printing, photography and performance, the artist “invites the viewer to a historic reading of universal forms and subjects,” the curators said. “Yo-Yo Gonthier is a composer – of lines, of meaning, of sounds. The materiality of his work is the result,” they added.

Yo-Yo Gonthier was born in Niamey, Niger, in 1974. The artist now lives and works in Paris. His work deals with the erasure of memory in the Western World through its preoccupation with speed, technology and progress.

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Presences in on at Galerie Cécile Fakhoury, Abidjan, until 26th September 2015. http://cecilefakhoury.com

Photo credit: ”Nous souffrons de cette capture désirée’.’Série ”Le nuage qui parlait”, photographie argentique. © Yo-Yo Gonthier 2013