The Argentine artist Federico Manuel Peralta Ramos (1939 – 1992) and his famous egg sculpture are examined in a new exhibition at the MALBA, La Era Metabolica (The Metabolic Era). The sculpture, known as Nosotros afuera (Us Outside) and originally made in 1965, has been specially reconstructed for the show.

Peralta Ramos was one of the country’s most eccentric artists. At the vanguard of modern art in Buenos Aires in the 1970s, he has been linked to the Dadaism art movement and is also considered a pioneer of conceptual art in Argentina. He made himself the subject of many of his works.

One of six siblings born in the Argentine coastal city of Mar del Plata, Peralta Ramos would study at the Instituto Di Tella with Marta Minujin, another key figure in Argentine 20th Century art. She would go on to become a pioneer of conceptual and performance art in Argentina, becoming one of the country’s most subversive artists.

Several other Peralta Ramos works are featured in the show including the 1981 work Mi vida es mi mejor obra de arte (My Life is My Best Work of Art) and Mandarina cósmica (Cosmic Tangerine) from the mid-1960s. The work of a number of other artists is also on display, including Petra Cortright, Marcelo Galindo and Eduardo Navarro.

La Era Metabolica is on at the MALBA, Buenos Aires, until 15th February 2015.