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Rogelio Polesello: the Argentine ‘industrial artisan’

The bright colours and bold shapes of Argentine artist Rogelio Polesello fast-forwarded Latin American art into the 20th Century. A year after his death, he is remembered in a comprehensive retrospective at the MALBA in Buenos Aires. Possessing a basic knowledge about the career of Argentine artist, Rogelio Polesello, already tells us a great deal about this artist’s work. Born in Buenos Aires in 1939, Polesello spent his formative years working as a graphic designer in the advertising industry. The art that he would later develop bears a strong resemblance to the forms of commercial advertising he would have been working on day-to-day. His experience of commercial work is also evident in his openness to interdisciplinary creative work, pushing the boundaries of what is traditionally considered ‘art.’ His work at times verges on architectural form and design, as well as public art interventions. Polesello graduated in 1958 from the Prilidiano Pueyrredón Fine Art School. A year later, he would have his first solo exhibition at the Peuser Gallery. He began to experiment with optic art, taking …

Nature overflows

Janaina Tschäpe’s organic and ethereal work reflects the abundance of nature in Brazil. Her beautiful multi-layered paintings are like nature itself. She has said she seeks not to portray a dream world, but the sensation of being inside one. Tschäpe was born in 1973 in Munich, Germany and was raised in São Paolo, Brazil. She lives and works between New York and Rio de Janeiro. To continue reading about Janaina Tschäpe’s work and see more images of her paintings, read the May/June issue of The Kurios. Photo credits: Janaina Tschäpe, Contemplating Landscape (2014), Installation View. Photo courtesy of Edouard Malingue Gallery.

Image society

Brazilian artist Leda Catunda’s new exhibition at São Paolo’s Galpão Fortes Vilaça brings together paintings, prints, watercolours, collages and sculptures. Leda Catunda and the Taste of Others also features printed wallpaper made especially for the show. All of the works being exhibited were made following the same structure as the drawings on the wallpaper, as the artist tries to convey a sense of unity within her diverse practice. In Catunda’s work, patterns normally originate in watercolours, to then be replicated and multiplied in prints. She normally gives these same patterns body in her paintings and sculptures. The show also features a number of pop references, used by the artist as a way of questioning the concepts of beauty and exoticism. Please read more about Catunda and see more images of her work in the May/June issue of The Kurios. Photo credits: Leda Catunda, MG – Mulheres Gostosas, 2014. Courtesy of Galpão Fortes Vilaça. Photo: Eduardo Ortega.